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"Cecilia, although our relationship was far from perfect, I thought often you would talk to me rather than run away."
―Adrian Griffin in a letter to Cecilia Kass[src]

Adrian Griffin was a wealthy and brilliant scientist who previously dated Cecilia Kass. After Cecilia ran away from him due to his abusive behavior, Adrian faked his death and left part of his fortune to Cecilia, but found a way to turn himself invisible and began to spite her.


Adrian is a wealthy optics engineer, and the abusive boyfriend of Cecilia Kass. One night, Cecilia escapes from him with the help of her sister Emily and their friend James, who is a police officer. Before they manage to escape, Adrian angrily attacks a window of the car in his attempt to get Cassie back. Two weeks later, Adrian apparently commits suicide, and leaves Cecilia $5 million in his will.

It is revealed that Adrian is actually faking his death and has created a uniform comprised of several small cameras that make him appear to be invisible. With the suit, he psychologically tortures Cecilia to make her seem insane. He steals her work, causing an important job interview to end badly, and also drugs her into collapsing. Adrian then pretends to be her and sends an insulting email to Emily, causing a schism between them. When Sydney, James' daughter, tries to comfort the depressed Cecilia, Adrian slaps her, thus leading Sydney and James to believe that Cecilia did it.

She returns to Adrian's home to investigate and discovers one of the invisibility suits. She invites her sister to dinner to discuss the discovery only for Adrian to slit Emily's throat before placing the knife in Cecilia's hand. She is implicated in the murder and is remanded to a mental institution, where she learns that she is pregnant. Adrian's brother Tom pays her a visit and tells her that he is alive, and that he will make the murder charges go away if she comes back to him. He also reveals that Adrian tampered with her birth control so she would get pregnant.

That night, Cecilia fakes a suicide attempt by slitting her wrist with a pen, knowing Adrian will stop her. Once he grabs her hand, she stabs him with the pen, damaging his suit and causing it to glitch. Security guards arrive, but he incapacitates them before fleeing the hospital, with Cecilia in pursuit. Cecilia is able to escape the hospital, but not before Adrian tells her he plans to murder Sydney, spurring her to warn James. She goes over to James' house, where an invisible figure she believes to be Adrian is attacking Sydney, forcing Cecilia to shoot him dead.

When she removes the suit, however, she discovers that the figure is Tom, not Adrian. Police storm Adrian's house and find him alive, tied up and claiming that Tom held him prisoner. They conclude that Tom killed Emily, as well, but Cecilia realizes that Adrian set his brother up as the fall guy for his crimes. Cecilia returns to Adrian's house, where he has prepared a romantic dinner for two. To get Adrian's confession, she meets him at his house secretly wearing a wire tap while James listens in from a few blocks away. She agrees to mend their relationship, but only if he confesses to killing Emily.

Adrian insists that Tom was responsible, but claims that the experience changed his outlook on life and that he realizes that he mistreated her. When she starts crying, Adrian intentionally implies that he is the killer. Satisfied, Cecilia departs to use the restroom. Moments later, the security camera captures Adrian seemingly slitting his own throat. Cecilia returns and, apparently distraught, calls the police. Off the camera's sight, however, she taunts a dying Adrian, revealing that she had used the spare bodysuit to kill him. James later on states that Adrian committed suicide to get rid of him after what he did to him and his family.


"Adrian's true genius was how he got in people's heads."

Adrian is a classic example of a narcissistic sociopath and text-book abuser: he is completely self-centered, incapable of caring about the needs and well-being of others, and has no conscience or empathy. He is also an obsessive person as he has developed an acute obsession over Cecilia throughout the course of their relationship and he sees her as his possession, and her leaving him wounds his fragile ego to the point that he resolves to destroy her if he cannot have her. He is also skilled at manipulating and controlling those weaker than him; even his brother Tom, who claims to despise him, is completely under his sway.

Adrian inflicts psychological and physical pain upon Cecilia, gaslighting and isolating her as well as hitting her. He turns Cecilia's friends and family against her, and even frames her for murder, all so she will have nothing and no one unless she submits to him. Even his desire to have a child is born from a desire to control her, as he believes that having his baby will bind her to him forever.

He is also quite sadistic, as he killed one guard after mockingly saying the word “bang” when holding him at gunpoint after disarming him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Invisibility: Through his work in Optics, Adrian was able to create a suit, which is covered in camera lenses and other unknown light-bending technologies. When active, the suit was capable of bending light waves, such that the wearer was rendered imperceptible to the naked eye.
  • Superhuman Strength: Adrian's suit, combined with its stealth capabilities, grants him enhanced physical attributes that extend far from what the average human is capable of, as well as a surprisingly great amount of enhanced strength and agility. To prove this, Adrian grabbed Cecilia by her neck, strangled her, pulled her onto the ground and then threw her across a table with tons of force than any human is capable of.    


  • Genius level intellect: Adrian was an incredibly intelligent scientist and inventor. A pioneer in the field of Optics, he used his resulting wealth to build a beachfront mansion which housed his private laboratory, which he used to create his crowning achievement: His Invisibility Suit.[2]



  • Tom Griffin - brother


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Behind the Scenes

Adrian Griffin was portrayed in The Invisible Man by Oliver Jackson-Cohen.[1] On playing Adrian Griffin, Jackson-Cohen remarked, "We've seen the villain so many times, so I think as an actor, you always want to try and think of the most interesting way. To me, it was a sort of a no-brainer when I read [the script] that I wanted to — these people who are narcissists and are so controlling in relationships, they are incredibly intelligent — make Adrian so good at performing, and pretending to be so charismatic and to fool people into a false sense of security. That's the direction we've gone with him, which I personally think is the right way to do it. It's been really good fun because we kind of want to mess with an audience as well, and mess with them going, 'Wait, but he's not... he didn't seem to be a bad guy. He seemed nice.' But then he does these horrific things."[3]

Before Jackson-Cohen was cast, Universal's top choices for the role of Adrian Griffin were Armie Hammer and Alexander Skarsgård.[4]