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"Cecilia, although our relationship was far from perfect, I thought often you would talk to me rather than run away."
―Adrian Griffin in a letter to Cecilia Kass[src]

Adrian Griffin is a wealthy and brilliant scientist who previously dated Cecilia Kass. After Cecilia ran away from him due to his abusive behavior, Adrian faked his death and left part of his fortune to Cecilia, but found a way to turn himself invisible and began to spite her.


Adrian supposedly commited suicide, but in reality he didn't.He found a way to be invinsible.


"Adrian's true genius was how he got in people's heads."

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Abilities and Powers


  • Genius level intellect: Adrian was an incredibly intelligent scientist and inventor. A pioneer in the field of Optics, he used his resulting wealth and power to build a beachfront mansion which housed his private laboratory, which he used to create his crowning achievement; his Invisibility Suit.[2]
  • Invisibility: Through his work in Optics, Adrian was able to create a suit which is covered in Camera lenses and other unknown light bending technologies. When active, the suit was capable of bending light waves such that the wearer was rendered imperceptible to the naked eye.
  • Superhuman Strength: Adrians suit with stealth capabilities, grants him enhanced physical attributes that extend far from what the average human is capable of, as well as suprising amount of enhanced strength and agility. To prove this, adrian grabbed cecilia by neck, strangled her, pulled her through on the ground and then threw across a table with tons of force than any human is capable of.    



  • Tom Griffin - brother


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Behind the Scenes

Adrian Griffin was portrayed in The Invisible Man by Oliver Jackson-Cohen.[1] On playing Adrian Griffin, Jackson-Cohen remarked, "We've seen the villain so many times, so I think as an actor, you always want to try and think of the most interesting way. To me, it was a sort of a no-brainer when I read [the script] that I wanted to — these people who are narcissists and are so controlling in relationships, they are incredibly intelligent — make Adrian so good at performing, and pretending to be so charismatic and to fool people into a false sense of security. That's the direction we've gone with him, which I personally think is the right way to do it. It's been really good fun because we kind of want to mess with an audience as well, and mess with them going, 'Wait, but he's not... he didn't seem to be a bad guy. He seemed nice.' But then he does these horrific things."[3]

Before Jackson-Cohen was cast, Universal's top choices for the role of Adrian Griffin were Armie Hammer and Alexander Skarsgård.[4]


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