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"She vowed to bring the demon into our world in the body of a mortal man. Together, they would take their vengeance upon humanity."
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Ahmanet's Warrior (real name unknown) was the lover of Ahmanet, who she intended to sacrifice in order to provide Set with the body of a mortal man. However, when Ahmanet's plans for world domination were found out by the temple priests, they slew Ahmanet's Warrior where he stood.


Training with Ahmanet

Ahmanet vs Ahmanet's Warrior

Ahmanet's Warrior duels Ahmanet to a standstill.

On the orders of the Egyptian king Menehptre, Ahmanet's Warrior saw to Ahmanet's combat training. On one such occasion, Ahmanet was able to duel him to a standstill while the two were using staffs. Given that Menehptre was now satisfied that Ahmanet was fit to be his successor, Menehptre called off the training. However, over the course of their training sessions, Ahmanet's Warrior and Ahmanet fell madly in love, as evidenced by Ahmanet's Warrior's willingness to sacrifice himself for her.[1]

Assassination of Menehptre

Ahmanet's Warrior pre-sacrifice

Ahmanet's Warrior embraces Ahmanet before his sacrifice.

After the birth of a younger brother left Ahmanet ineligible to inherit the throne of Ancient Egypt, Ahmanet made a deal with Set, the Egyptian god of death, storms, and evil. This involved a blood ritual which involved Ahmanet killing her father Menehptre, stepmother, and younger brother. Ahmanet's Warrior was chosen to be sacrificed to Set so that Set may inhabit his body, allowing Set and Ahmanet to rule the world together as king and queen.[1]

Ahmanet's Warrior death

Ahmanet's Warrior is fatally wounded.

Ahmanet embraced Ahmanet's Warrior before he laid down, waiting for Ahmanet to stab him with the Dagger of Set. However, the temple priests, Menehptre's guards, discovered Ahmanet's plans, shooting her in the neck with mercury darts to cancel out her powers. One of the priests stabbed Ahmanet's Warrior in the stomach with a spear, killing him instantly, and Ahmanet was mummified alive.[1]


Ahmanet's Warrior appeared to not be afraid of the prospect of death, as he was perfectly willing to die for Ahmanet. This may have been a product of the extent of his love for her.

Abilities and Powers


  • Master Combatant: Ahmanet's Warrior was a brilliant enough fighter that King Menehptre himself ordered Ahmanet's Warrior to train Ahmanet, the princess of Egypt, in combat.[1]


  • Staff: As part of Ahmanet's training, Ahmanet's Warrior taught her how to fight using a staff. The two often dueled each other as part of this training.[1]



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Behind the Scenes

Ahmanet's Warrior was portrayed in The Mummy by Erol Ismail. While the character went unnamed in the film, Erol Ismail was credited as "Ahmanet's Warrior".


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