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Ahmanet's tomb was the burial tomb of the Ancient Egyptian princess Ahmanet. It was constructed in what would eventually become Mosul, Iraq, following Ahmanet's assassination of her entire family in her quest for power.


Ahmanet's Campaign

Assassination of Menehptre

In 2983 B.C., the Ancient Egyptian princess Ahmanet assassinated her entire family to fulfill her promise to Set. However, when she prepared to sacrifice her lover to Set, her plans were discovered, her lover was executed, and she was forcibly mummified alive. Ahmanet's sarcophagus was moved from Egypt to what would eventually become Mosul, Iraq, and a burial tomb was constructed around it. The tomb was filled with mercury to cancel out Ahmanet's dark powers, and the tomb was buried to ensure that Ahmanet could never be unearthed again. Everyone who participated in the ritual died without passing on the location of Ahmanet's tomb, and Ahmanet was thus lost to history.[1]

Retrieval of Ahmanet's sarcophagus

The tomb remained buried until June 9, 2017, when it was accidentally uncovered following an airstrike called by Chris Vail during the Battle of Mosul. On the orders of Colonel Greenway, the tomb was investigated by Nick Morton, Chris Vail, and archaeologist Jennifer Halsey. While investigating, Morton shot a contraption which revealed Ahmanet's sarcophagus submerged in mercury, which allowed Ahmanet to use her powers, summoning a camel spider to bite Vail. Halsey, who was investigating on orders from Prodigium, decided to take the sarcophagus into Prodigium's custody. After the sarcophagus was taken, the tomb was left abandoned.[1]


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