"The hieroglyphs say she was named Ahmanet, chosen to be Egypt's next queen, but her thirst for power led her down a darker path... one that had to be stopped."
Dr. Jennifer Halsey[src]

The Assassination of Menehptre was an attempt by Ahmanet to claim the title of pharaoh after her father Menehptre bore a son and thus left Ahmanet ineligible to become pharaoh.


Ahmanet, princess of Ancient Egypt, was intended to succeed her father Menehptre as pharaoh after his death. However, Menehptre later bore a son, which left Ahmanet, a woman, ineligible to claim the throne.[1]


"Ahmanet understood that power was not given. It had to be taken."
Dr. Henry Jekyll[src]

A vengeful Ahmanet snuck into her father's bedroom while he was asleep. Ahmanet slit Menehptre's throat, and killed her stepmother and her infant brother as well. Ahmanet used their blood as well as her own to summon the Egyptian god of death, Set, who gave her incredible power. Ahmanet promised to find Set the body of a mortal man for him to inhabit so that they may rule the world as king and queen.[1]



Ahmanet attempted to sacrifice her lover to Set by killing him, but Menehptre's priests slew Ahmanet's lover. Ahmanet was forcibly mummified alive and buried in a tomb. Ahmanet was assumed to be dead for the next 5000 years.[1]


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