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The Crossrail is a tunnel underneath London, England.


Ahmanet's Campaign

Discovery of Artifacts

On June 9, 2017, multiple Ancient Egyptian artifacts were found in the Crossrail, alongside the burial site of multiple crusaders who died during the Second Crusade. Upon learning of this, Dr. Henry Jekyll, leader of the multinational organization Prodigium, forcibly seized the discovery site for Prodigium, to the anger of the construction workers who first found the site. While working in the Crossrail with various Prodigium agents, Jekyll noticed a tablet which reached up to the ceiling covered with Egyptian hieroglyphs. Jekyll walked up to the tablet and read the hieroglyphs on it, which told the story of Ahmanet.[1]

Duel in the Crossrail

Two days later, during the Attack on London, Nick Morton and Jennifer Halsey fled into the Crossrail to escape from Ahmanet's attack. However, Ahmanet and her undead followed them, with Ahmanet using her dark magic to resurrect the deceased crusader knights; the knights proceeded to slaughter the Prodigium agents in the tomb. As an area of the Crossrail began filling with water, Morton and Halsey tried in vain to escape from Ahmanet, but Ahmanet's undead dragged Halsey underwater. Morton tried to fight the undead, but by the time he surfaced, Halsey had drowned.[1]

Morton tried to avenge Halsey, but found that he was no match for Ahmanet's dark powers. Ahmanet tried to kill Morton using the Dagger of Set, but Morton kicked it and Ahmanet away, running to catch the Dagger before Ahmanet could. Ahmanet, seeing this, asked Morton to use the Dagger to fuse himself with Set and live alongside Ahmanet forever, reminding him of the promise of power over life and death. Morton stabbed himself with the Dagger and fused himself with Set, but regained control of his mind upon seeing Halsey's body. Morton used his powers to defeat Ahmanet and absorb her life energy, turning her into a shriveled mummy, before resurrecting Halsey and running away.[1]


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