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The Dagger of Set was a dagger used by Ahmanet in her attempt to find a mortal man for Set, the Egyptian god of death, storms, and chaos, to inhabit. However, after Ahmanet was forcibly mummified following the Assassination of Menehptre, the Dagger was taken to England during the Second Crusade, with the Dagger and its ruby becoming separated. In 2017, Ahmanet was reawakened and recollected both the Dagger and the ruby. Ahmanet attempted to stab Nick Morton with the Dagger, but Morton stabbed himself instead, and used Set's powers to defeat Ahmanet. Afterwards, the Dagger was placed into the custody of Prodigium.


Assassination of Menehptre

Set gives the Dagger of Set to Ahmanet.

In 2983 B.C., after Princess Ahmanet's father King Menehptre had a son with his second wife, leaving Ahmanet ineligible to claim her father's throne, Ahmanet summoned the Egyptian god of death, storms, and chaos, Set. Set gave Ahmanet the Dagger of Set to implant him into the body of a mortal man.[1]

The Dagger of Set is used to assassinate Menehptre.

Ahmanet assassinated her father, her stepmother, and her stepbrother by slitting their throats with the Dagger. Later, Ahmanet intended to use her lover as a human sacrifice to Set, but the temple priests discovered Ahmanet's actions, killed her lover, and forcibly mummified Ahmanet alive. What happened to the Dagger of Set in the immediate aftermath is unknown.[1]


The Dagger of Set was taken to England when Egypt was invaded by crusader knights during the Second Crusade. In the year 1127, the ruby that was used to power the Dagger of Set was buried with the body of a crusader knight who had recently died. Meanwhile, the Dagger itself ended up in a reliquary inside a church in Oxford.[1]

Capture of Ahmanet

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Attack on London

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Duel in the Crossrail

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  • Ruby: The dagger is powered by a ruby that is located in the pommel. However, Nick Morton smashed the ruby before stabbing himself, and the ruby broke after the dagger was used, thereby making the dagger useless.[1]
    • Forced Inhabitation: Anyone who is stabbed with the dagger will be implanted with the Egyptian god of death, storms, and chaos, Set. This was noted to be able to kill mortals, but Morton was able to survive stabbing himself due to having smashed the ruby beforehand.[1]


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