Colonel Greenway was a colonel in the United States Army and the superior officer of Nick Morton and Chris Vail. After Ancient Egyptian artifacts were found in Mosul, Iraq, following the Battle of Mosul, Greenway ordered the sarcophagus inside to be transported to London. However, during the flight, Vail was possessed by the person inside. Greenway ordered him to stop, but Vail simply stabbed him in the chest twice, killing him.


Battle of Mosul

After Nick Morton and Chris Vail fought militants in the city of Mosul, Iraq, Greenway followed them to berate them personally. Upon being told that Morton and Vail had reason to believe the militants were taking civilian hostages, Greenway, knowing the two were lying, replied that he had "two dumbasses" who ran into the city looking for antiquities to sell on the black market.[2]

Greenway watched as Jennifer Halsey revealed that Morton had stolen a map from her; however, Halsey later finds 5,000-year-old Ancient Egyptian artifacts, despite the fact that they were in northern Iraq.[2]

Taking the Sarcophagus

Greenway ordered the three to investigate the artifacts. Upon investigation of the artifacts, Jennifer Halsey, Nick Morton, and Chris Vail found an ancient sarcophagus. Greenway commanded the retrieval of the sarcophagus and loaded it onto a military plane. While on the plane, Vail, who was possessed by the person inside, began to tamper with the sarcophagus. Greenway commanded Vail to stop, but Vail pulled out a knife and stabbed Greenway in the chest twice, killing him.[2]


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Abilities and Powers


  • Marksmanship: Colonel Greenway served in the United States Army for some amount of time. Greenway was trained in marksmanship.[2]


Appearances for Greenway
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Behind the Scenes

Colonel Greenway was portrayed in The Mummy by Courtney B. Vance.[1] When asked about his character, Vance stated, "I’ve played these types before—the police chief, the bring-me-the-evidence guy in Law & Order. He’s trying to keep [co-star] Tom Cruise in line, trying to make sure that the whole shebang doesn’t collapse on itself and that the collateral damage is not catastrophic."[3]


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