"Who are you?"
"I'm a doctor. My name is Jekyll, Henry Jekyll."
Nick Morton and Dr. Henry Jekyll[src]

Dr. Henry Jekyll is the head of the mysterious organization Prodigium. Jekyll is also the host of his monstrous alter-ego Edward Hyde.


Birth of Hyde

Sometime after becoming leader of Prodigium, Dr. Jekyll tried an experiment to remove all evil impulses from himself. Unfortunately, the experiment failed, and Dr. Jekyll was forced to inject himself with a serum every couple of hours or risk transforming into a monstrous alter-ego that developed as a result of the experiments: Edward Hyde.[2] As such, with the help of Prodigium's chief of security, Malik, Dr. Jekyll upgraded his office to keep Hyde contained should the worst happen.[3]

Ahmanet's Campaign

Discovery in the Crossrail

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Capturing Ahmanet

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Duel in Henry Jekyll's office

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Some time after showing Morton to Ahmanet, he offer's Morton a drink. As they talk, Jekyll begins to show signs of veins and aggressive expressions, indicating he needs to take his serum. Once Jennifer comes in and asks why he was going to kill Morton, he replies saying Morton already killed himself when he disturbed the tomb of Ahmanet. He then places his serum into his needle to inject himself, but accidentally bumps it away from him. Morton takes it and Jekyll's assistant tells him he doesn't know what he's doing, but Morton replies saying he know's exactly what he's doing. Jekyll begins to show signs of blackish skin and veins popping out as well as his eyes turning to blackish gold. Morton then gives him the serum, but Jekyll was unable to inject himself as Hyde had already begun to take control. Jekyll tells them to run and presses the button, sealing himself inside, but Morton was too late and is sealed inside with Hyde. He then turns around and sees a mutilated, monstrous Edward Hyde. Morton smashes him to the door, punches him and places his hand on the security panel, but unfortunately Jekyll's hand had mutated and enlarged with long fingernails. This denied Jekyll's access and Morton was trapped inside. Hyde then says that they won't let him out and they never do, indicating that while Jekyll was mutated, he would be trapped in there for a duration of time. Hyde smashes Morton's head onto the security panel and throws him onto the ground. Morton tries to grab a serum, but Hyde blocks him and says he's a younger man and that he best learn to be wary of a man like him. Hyde then effortlessly tosses Jekyll's chair off and then attacks Morton while Jennifer tries to smash the glass. Hyde then grabs Morton while he is repeatedly punched in the face. Morton gets free and punches Hyde once more but is then grabbed by his face and is smashed into the glass. Hyde replies he'll offer him a partnership. Hyde lifts Morton of the ground with minimal effort. Morton grabs a skull that Jekyll kept for show and smashes it over his head. He then kicks Hyde but Hyde showed no pain. Hyde then smashes him onto the table and Morton tries to reach for Jekyll's serum but is unable and then grabs Hyde's face. Hyde throws him over and then digs his hand into his back and begins to lift his ribs. Morton then smashes him in the face with a case. Morton then grabs the serum and injects Hyde with it turning him back to normal. Jekyll tells him well done and Morton the throws him into a drawer, knocking him unconscious.

After Ahmanet's Defeat

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Abilities and Powers


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  • Superhuman strength: When mutated, Edward Hyde showed extraordinary strength as demonstrated during his duel with Nick Morton. He managed to effortlessly throw him several feet off the ground as well as lift him off with little effort. He was able to smash Morton's head into Jekyll's security panel, indicating that Prodigium could not contain him forever and he could only be contained for a short duration of time.[2]


  • Serum: Whenever the evil within him begins to emerge, Henry injects himself with a potent serum, which keeps Hyde in check.[2] However, the syringe used to inject the serum into Jekyll was destroyed by Hyde, preventing Hyde from being suppressed.[4]


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Behind the Scenes

Henry Jekyll was portrayed in The Mummy by Russell Crowe.[1][5]


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