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"As I said, I am most dreadfully sorry for what I'm sure must have been a terrible shock, but the good news is that your friend is alive!"
―Dr. Joseph Whemple to Dr. Jennifer Halsey[src]

Dr. Joseph Whemple is a doctor working at a morgue in Oxford, England.


Resurrection of Nick Morton

Dr. Whemple is grilled by Dr. Jennifer Halsey.

"I am most dreadfully embarrassed about this."
"How does this even happen?"
"Well, as I said, I wasn't at the morgue when he came in."
―Dr. Joseph Whemple and Dr. Jennifer Halsey[src]

Following a plane crash caused by Ahmanet, Dr. Whemple approached Dr. Jennifer Halsey, the sole survivor of the crash, to help identify the bodies. However, both Whemple and Halsey were surprised when Nick Morton, who supposedly died in the crash, turned up alive and naked in the morgue.[1] As Morton changed into a new set of clothes, Dr. Whemple was forced to apologize to both Morton and Halsey profusely, as he had no idea that Morton was alive.[2]


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Behind the Scenes

Dr. Joseph Whemple was portrayed in The Mummy by Neil Maskell.

Dr. Joseph Whemple appears to be based on a character of the same name portrayed by Arthur Byron in The Mummy (1932).