"Sir, per your instructions, the security upgrades to your office have been completed. I’ve personally overseen the final installation. All tests passed."
―Malik in a letter to Dr. Henry Jekyll[src]

Malik is the chief of security of Prodigium.


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Upgrading Jekyll's Office

"As discussed, failsafe measures that I obviously cannot disclose have also been implemented. Highest confidence that environment meets your specification for confinement of Edward."
―Malik in a letter to Dr. Henry Jekyll[src]

Sometime around June 9, 2017, Malik oversaw upgrades to the office of Dr. Henry Jekyll that would allow for confinement of Edward Hyde should the worst happen.[1]

Ahmanet's Campaign

Capture of Ahmanet

When Ahmanet was captured by Prodigium, Malik snuck up on Nick Morton. When Morton asked who Malik was, Malik shot him with a tranquilizer dart, knocking Morton out.[2]

Taking Morton to Prodigium

After Malik knocked out Morton, the latter was taken to Prodigium Headquarters. When Malik brought Morton to the office of Dr. Henry Jekyll, he simply told Morton to stay before walking off.[2]

Duel in Henry Jekyll's office

When Dr. Henry Jekyll forgot to take the serum that suppressed Edward Hyde, Malik prevented Dr. Jennifer Halsey from breaking into Jekyll's office to save Nick Morton, who was trapped with Hyde and relentlessly beaten. Malik and Halsey briefly fought, but the fight ended with Halsey knocking Malik out with the Book of Amun-Ra.[2]

Attack on London

She's Escaped

Malik informs Dr. Henry Jekyll that Princess Ahmanet has escaped Prodigium Headquarters.

"Sir, I'm sorry. She's escaped."
―Malik to Dr. Henry Jekyll[src]

After Malik came to, he and Dr. Henry Jekyll discovered that Nick Morton broke the syringe that contained the serum needed to contain Edward Hyde. Malik told Jekyll that Princess Ahmanet had escaped from Prodigium Headquarters before asking if Prodigium should start looking for her; Jekyll asserted that Prodigium didn't need to look for her, since they already know where Ahmanet was going. Jekyll then ordered Malik to contact the Prodigium agents in the Crossrail and tell them that Ahmanet was headed there.[3]


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Abilities and Powers


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Malik was proficient in hand-to-hand combat; however, he was bested by Dr. Jennifer Halsey.[2]


  • Tranquilizer gun: Malik used a tranquilizer gun to knock out Nick Morton.[2]



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Appearances for Malik
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Behind the Scenes

Malik was portrayed in The Mummy by Marwan Kenzari.[1]


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