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A list of trivia related to The Mummy.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Brendan Fraser, the star of The Mummy (1999), stated in an interview what he thought of Tom Cruise being attached to the reboot: "I am flattered as Tom Cruise is a really big movie star. There were many movies made before the one that I was lucky to be a part of. I am certain that this one will be unique. I have met Tom before and he is a nice guy. He will be great and the film will be exciting. I will buy the ticket to watch it on the opening day."[1]
    • However, Fraser later stated upon seeing the movie that there was "not enough Brendan Fraser": "Nobody knows mummies better than I do. Which is exactly why this film is such a confusing disaster. Perhaps the most disappointing plot turn occurs at the end of the film, when the audience finally realizes (SPOILERS AHEAD!) that I do not make an appearance in this film. I was shocked as well; as an extra during the London crowd scenes I was sure I made it into frame before security noticed my fake moustache and forcibly removed me from the set."[2]


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